Assessing people in a professional maner is key to ensure the right match. It saves time and money to increase the likelyhood of successfull onboarding of highly specialized ressources.

Our PILOT ASSESSMENT is compliant with the EASA CAT.GEN.MPA.175 – Endangering Safety regulation that is mandatory from Feb 14th 2021. 

Basic - Pilot Assessment (EASA COMPLIANT):

1.   NEO-PI-3 detailed personality test (Five Factor)

2.   Authorized psychologist - candidate review and score

3.   Airline Safety Management - candidate review and score

4.   Candidate report to Client 

Regular - Pilot Assessment (in addition to Basic):

5.   Aeronautical test

6.   Extended interview with & assessment by evaluation panel

7.   Consolidated candidate report to client

Increased likelyhood of successfull onboarding

Advanced - Pilot Assessment (in addition to Regular):

8.   Assessment in multi Pilot concept

9.   Simulator assessment

10. Complete indepth canditate report to client

Maximum ensurance of successfull onboarding & training

EUR 485 ex. vat

EUR 785 ex. vat

EUR 1485 ex. vat